Top Four Companies In Pakistan

Pakistan is a rich country in terms of minerals and fossil resources under its land So many new ways have been invented to extract these fuels and minerals in to usable essentials be it Petrol, Gas , or Coal all natural resources needs to be extracted and filtered out in order to be useful to the people for their ease.

Therefore Heavy machinery is needed for extraction and filtration of the resources So the government of Pakistan decides to fund/build companies in order to Refine the resources for general public use.

There are four largest companies of Pakistan which has a massive workforce and machinery and are generating a good revenue by providing these resources to the general public in shape of Petrol for cars, Methane gas to cook and many other useful ventures.

Below is the list of All four largest Top Companies of Pakistan Rank wise:

1Pakistan State OilOil & gas
2PARCOOil & gas
3Sui Northern Gas Pipelines LimitedUtilities
4Oil and Gas Development CompanyOil & gas

Pakistan State Oil

Pakistan State Oil; reporting name: PSO is a Karachi-based Pakistani state-owned petroleum corporation involved in marketing and distribution of petroleum products Over

Number of Employees: 3,000+ (Sep 1, 2015–)

Founded : December 30, 1976
Head Quarter Location : Karachi

Source :Wikipedia


Pak-Arab Refinery Company Limited is a Pakistani joint venture oil and gas company active in refining, transporting and marketing petroleum products. It is a joint-venture between governments of Pakistan and Abu Dhabi.

Founded: 1974

Head Quarter Location : Karachi

Source : Wikipedia

Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited

Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited was incorporated as a private limited Company in 1963 and converted into a public limited company in January 1964 under the Companies Act 1913 of British India.

Founded: 1963
Headquarters location : Lahore

Source: Wikipedia

Oil and Gas Development Company

Oil and Gas Development Company Limited, commonly known as OGDCL is a Pakistani oil and gas company. It has a primary listing on the Pakistan Stock Exchange, and secondary listing on the London Stock Exchange.

Founded : 1961
Headquarter location : Islamabad

Source: Wikipedia

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