The flexibility of online Learning [2021]

Why do students choose online classes over traditional classes?

After Covid-19, online education is in trend. And the major factor of its popularity is the flexibility of online learning. Freedom, flexibility, and convenience are the contributing factors to prefer online learning over traditional learning.

6 Major Benefits of Flexible Online Learning

Flexible online learning has numerous benefits but I will discuss six major benefits in this article.

  1. Control over learning pace:

The first benefit of online learning is the learner has control over their learning pace. Students are accountable for their learning.

  1. Freedom to decide timings:

Flexible online courses provide students the freedom to decide the time of their own choice. And they can choose the time when their brain is active and they are receptive to learn new things.

  1. Where to learn?

Students can choose the venue for learning. Flexible learning allows them to adjust their education around other commitments.

  1. Flexible online courses can be tailored:

Online learning will allow the students to tailor their courses according to their interests and capabilities. This flexibility in online courses leads to productive and better results.

  1. Flexible online Learning give leverage to grasp the concept without time limit:

The self-set pace in learning helps to alleviate pressure from students. Because many teachers, in traditional learning, don’t follow the learning pace of every student and they hastily run through the concepts. Later on, they expect from their student that they will finish the given task within deadlines. As their priority is to complete the course. Ultimately, this pressurizes the students to complete the assignment and not focus on understanding the concept. So, the flexibility of online courses allows students to learn at their own pace and grasp the concepts.  

  1. Flexile online Learning makes Students self-discipline and self-motivated:

Students can be more self-discipline and self-motivated with the help of the flexibility of online courses. And these skills are commonly neglected in traditional learning. Usually, traditional learning is not student-centered. And teachers are supposed to manage huge classes with a diversity of IQ levels. Eventually, they are bound to complete courses within a given time limit. But the majority of online courses are student-centered.

Writer’s Note:

Flexible learning can help students to acquire senior positions in their organizations. They have learned skills on flexible timings, venue, subjects, and pace and can be able to demonstrate these skills to contribute to the organization. Providing an individual with the option of how they learn is the fundamental factor to their success.

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