How to Sell on Amazon From Pakistan | Step by Step Guide

In this Article we will tell you how you can start your Amazon business from Pakistan and sell internationally to any countries you can think of,

Amazon was restricted in Pakistan  (only the Seller part) people can’t sell on amazon from Pakistan so they are less aware of but the Surge of Ecommerce and giants from the ecommerce business involved and are spreading awareness regarding this business Increased potential of the people who would want to Start an online store and there main target is amazon but with this the people also peaked into the Ecommerce business or the Online store business Profit margins.

Everyone wants to jump in this business but the harsh reality is that no none could compete with any market without proper Analyze and research of the market or niche in which they are jumping in for instance if I choose a product randomly and start my Amazon store there is a 70% chance that my store will fall short of sales or even no sales at all that’s entirely because of no research about the product its market and competitors these are essential elements of a online business to be looked cautiously upon.

People usually miss out on these specific elements and fall in

 some never recover some make a breakeven but there are some exceptional cases in which randomly chosen product has made profits to people who started this business and made lots of money and are happy with Amazon while on the other hand people who lost their wealth on amazon are sad of it and angry but there is a miss conception that says

“Amazon is the only easy Source of creating wealth for generations to come”

The fact that counters it is the ignorance of people and not analyzing the market specifically nor the product niche or type and the competitors

Now that Amazon Is officially In Pakistan You can register on it as a seller and Start selling internationally
Here is the Step by Step Guide for making an amazon account from scratch in Pakistan
To Start First you will need to Create an Amazon Account

After Creating Account You will Click on Sell Option on top menu bar on the header

Create your Amazon Seller Central Account with your Name and Email and Password

Select the Business location where will operate this Business From and its Pakistan Of course 😉

Select The Business Type if you are company or Private Business owner or a Charity
you can Choose individual Seller in this option

Now Enter the Personnel information of you Address and phone Number Passport or your National Identity Card Number

In this Last Step of Account creation process you will need to Provide a valid Credit card or a Debit Card which international transactions Active if not you can Contact your Bank for details
After Providing Card information

Your Registration Process will be completed 90% Now you only have to give Proof of Address and Identity
with your Bank Statements Utility bills and scanned copy of your NIC ( National Identity Card)
Then After the Completion of this Process Amazon will charge the amount of 39.99 USD a Month as a fee.

And that’s it you are now the official Seller of Amazon From Pakistan
Good Luck and Congratulations 🙂

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