How to Make Money in Shopify Ecommerce

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an online ecommerce service provider which gives out services regarding building an online ecommerce store with custom themes and dynamics.

Shopify Provides all the necessary tools to the user which will help them build, Manage and market their online store more efficiently.

This ecommerce store creator has three Plans with different Pricing and features which are

Basic Shopify which has price of 29$/month

Standard Shopify which has price of 79$/month

Advanced shopify with the Price tag of 299$/month

Now the main question raises here is it worth it to buy any of these plans? What if there is no profit generating from our store and what if we don’t find any suitable market or a best to promote our products and didn’t make a sale on our store.

For this Shopify has come up with a solution Since we need to promote our product through social media and all other channel shopify also has market tab which navigate us to all the medium possible to market our Product through them so in my opinion it is worth it with the shopify Plans according to our Stores.

Shopify also has features to change the user interface according to the users which benefits the seller to put more effort in creating the store to add attraction which will increase the conversion rate of potential customer to the buyer more easily.

Shopify Themes plays vital role in this you can purchase premium themes but for a start  we can use free themes which are also beneficial if we have a good aesthetic taste to build our site with good responsiveness and a better user interface

How many Industries can we sell on Shopify?
We can sell in Almost every industry available to on Shopify the major ones are listed below

The main thing knows what the people are searching and buying and for that we should always check the metrics and sales throughout the world.

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