Make 500-1000$ A Month from Home With | zero investment | Before Starting a Private Business on Amazon

Yes you heard it right! you can get a job as a virtual Assistant on any Freelancing platforms.

And main benefit of being a virtual Assistant is that you can do it from home yes from home.

This is a skill achieved by many but is mastered by few now talking about a virtual assistant.

Their main job is to provide information and guide the client through what ever online service he wants to be done in our case lets pick Amazon. its a world’s biggest E-commerce marketplace.

It has became so big that to learn about amazon they had to open a Amazon university. So the client is a businessman and wants you to set-up his seller account on Amazon and here you will say there is no amazon seller account in pakistan how can we tell them?
Sure, there is no amazon in pakistan but the client knows how to give user preferences to specific person and in that user settings of amazon
pakistan exist(luckily).

From there you can have access of clients amazon seller account and eventually handling it. but we just surpassed phase one so relax and wait for part II.

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