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Make your Amazon A to Z Store from Scratch

Amazon is trillion dollar giant ecommerce mammoth; it’s a mountain which cannot be moved neither can be climbed over.

 Whoever understands its dynamics earns a great fortune in their lifetime. Amazon has created millionaires around the world. But we can’t ignore the fact it has also snatched the status from people.

In this article you will learn the basics about starting an Amazon store from scratch (A-Z)

To start a Seller Account on Amazon you need the following

Business email address or Amazon customer account

Chargeable credit card (Amazon will deduct 40$ Monthly Fees)

Government ID (identity verification protects sellers and customers)

Tax information

Phone number

A bank account where Amazon can send you proceeds from your sales.

What is Private Label?

It’s a brand representation for one’s product where you can sell the products with your own Trademark and Logo after registering your brand at Amazon.

Having own Brand is beneficial thing for a seller to make an impression and brand loyalty from their customers or potential customers

First things you will need if you are launching a Private label are listed below according to the country’s requirement for registering a company or filing a taxation record.

Main Requirements From amazon According to the Regions
These Images shows the details that are required for an Amazon store to Complete from different regions and their perspectives

North America Region Requirements
Europe Region Requirements
Pacific Asia Region Requirements
Middle East Region Requirements

Other tips about Building your store from scratch is to hire a virtual Assistant to do it for you because they have more knowledge about the market and has experienced with several other launches So this option would a viable choice to hire someone build your business.

Amazon Store Creation process is easy if you follow all the methods and rules but the main thing you will need is ranking your products within amazon and generating sales.

In the next article we tell you about how to generate more sales on Amazon efficiently
till then take care.

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