Accredited online MBA programs [2021]

Best affordable AACSB online MBA programs in 2021-22

It is daunting to search and choose an online MBA program that best meets your requirements. There are plenty of MBA programs that outdo online programs. Some of these online MBA programs are exchanged high tuition fees whereas many of them are affordable.

We search so many MBA programs through their websites and shortlist 8 online MBA programs that offer the program at an affordable fee and have had a good percentage of students in the last two years.

Our search for an online MBA program was based on 100% online, fully accredited, and low tuition.

Here is the list of the top 8 MBA programs which are completely online and accredited.

Top 8 online MBA programs

  1. The University of Arizona

The University of Arizona offers a completely online MBA program. You can earn your MBA degree in 14 months at $1000 tuition per credit. You will have an 88% chance to select for your MBA. And students are allowed to transfer between online MBA and on-campus MBA.

  1. Arizona State University

Arizona State University offered its students an online MBA degree. This program is combined with a master of legal studies, MSA in electrical engineering, or an MS in industrial engineering if they choose. University also offers an online MBA program in four specialization options. These options include finance, international business, marketing, and supply chain management. University charges tuition fee for per credit course is $1226 and your acceptance rate is 61%.

  1. The University of North Carolina

The University of North Carolina is one of the best online MBA program. You are required to complete 62 credit hours in the time period of 36 months. University offers specialization in strategy and consulting, finance, entrepreneurship, and marketing. But if a student has an interest in multiple topics, is granted the chance to customize his course. The tuition fee for the program is $1884 and the acceptance rate is 60%.

Top 5 Online MBA Programs

  1. Hofstra University

Hofstra University offers an online MBA program in a variety of options for specialization. These options include strategic business management and strategic healthcare management. This program is consist of 45 credit hours. However, students with a business undergraduate degree have the leverage to earn only 38 credits.

This course exchange is $1375 per credit hour. The acceptance rate of Hofstra University is 86%.

  1. Florida Atlantic University

Florida Atlantic University offers a 40 to 46 credit hours online MBA program. This program is consist of 23 months. And the tuition fee is $800 per credit hour. The acceptance rate is 73%. This program is known for accepting students who are sponsored by their employers. Whereas, they invite students in the International Business program  to participate in an international field study tour, which features a different destination each school year.

Top 3 Online MBA Programs

  1. The University of Florida

You can earn an AACSB online MBA program in the period of 20 or 21 months. the University of Florida is offereing this program. You can earn a degree in exchange for a $1208 tuition fee. The acceptance rate of this program is 46%.  An academic orientation is offer to accepted students before the start of their courses.

Instructors of the online courses have experience for an average of 10 years. Which is several years more than the average instructor on our list.

  1. Missouri University of Science & Technology

Missouri University of Science and Technology offers hands-on, real-life training to its students. The online MBA program of Missouri University of Science and Technology provides a Graduate Certificate program as an alternative to GMAT/GRE. The program consists of 36 credit hours and is completed entirely online.  The tuition fee is $1200 per credit hour. The acceptance rate is 90%.

  1. Creighton University

Creighton University offers a unique featured online MBA program. You can choose core subjects that meet your need and interests if you possess an undergraduate degree in business. This program consists of 33 credit hours. And the concentrations areas are vast and include Financial Psychology & Behavioral Finance, as well as Business Intelligence &; Analytics. Instructors are available to give more individualized instruction and assistance than in many other top online MBA programs. Although, the tuition fee of this online MBA program is $1128. The acceptance rate is 85%.

Author’s note on ASSCSB Online MBA program

You can revolutionized your career, if you earn a MBA or master’s degree in business administration as an aspiring entrepreneur or executive. Hence, the benefits of earning an MBA degree are vast.

According to U.S. News and World Report, MBA holders can acquire transferable skills, additional business specializations, and have access to higher employment rates and valuable networking opportunities.

The online MBA program is a great opportunity for career-oriented personals. So, we hope our article will help you to find the best online MBA program for your professional growth.

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