5 Effective Ways to Communicate Through Body Language at Workplace

If we try to define body language, we can say that it is a set of nonverbal signs. Here are some examples of body language:

1=Body movements
2=Facial expressions
3=Tone of voice

4=Gestures in communication

Body language signs enhance our understanding of people’s reactions to certain situations or matters.

Importance of Understanding Body Language

At the workplace, your body language epitomizes your confidence and professionalism in more ways than you realize. You can realize the importance of body language if I explain it as “your personal brand”. Your body language illustrates the importance you present other persons and make you approachable.

5 Ways to Communicate Through Body Language at Workplace

Here are 5 effective ways to communicate through body language at your workplace to improve clarity and vitality in your communication.

1. Achieve Good Posture

A good posture will help you flaunt your confidence and personify yourself. Whether in a sitting position or standing position, if you use good posture, others pay more attention to your message.

2. Body Position

Observe people around you and you will be surprised to see that people speaking with bodies turned away. On other hand, face-to-face interaction may cause discomfort to other people. Best body posture is to angle toward the other person or sit or stand at the same eye level which sends signals that you are not lessening to the partner.

3. Appropriate Distance

Physical distance depends upon your closeness with the other person. Moreover, some people do not feel comfortable with physical closeness. You need to pay attention to all these facts before any physical contact.

4. Eye Contact

Your eyes reveal your thoughts that is why it considers essential for effective communication. Positive eye contact creates connections and shows interest in person and conversation. Be aware to do things with your eyes that disconnect.

5. Body Gestures

Body gestures in communication add life and meaning to the conversation. You may practice different body gestures in front of a mirror. Good body gestures happen naturally and if not gesturing, simply drop your hands to your sides and avoid crossing your arms, pointing your index finger or don’t play with clothing or accessories.


Different studies proved that you can create a 55% impact created by your body language.
If you use these 5 body language skills, you will communicate effectively at your workplace which resulted in better relationships with people around you and eventually ended in more productivity and more monetary benefits.

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  1. I agree that body language defines confident personality. In fact to face meeting, a good body posture is very important which tells more about the person than his words.

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